About the project

Storytelling of Underground Resistance

01, The Rythme of the Sound (Instrumental)
02, 10 Years
03, Round and Round
04, 正しい夢 -Correct Dream-
05, 繋ぐ世界 -Whole In The World-
06, Beautiful Mind
07, I Bless Your Wish
08, Perfect Contrast
09, Hvannadalshnukur
10, いちごふぇあ -Strawberry fair-
11, Lust In The Soul With Dance

All Songs Written & Played by Pianotail
(This record was made at our own studio)
Recorded, edited & mixed by Kohei Murata/ 34423
Mastered by Def House studio
[Guest Musician]
Track 04 – Vo. ハセガワタカシ/ Takashi Hasegawa
Track 05 – Vo. 五十嵐 広達/ Hirotatsu Igarashi
(ex.SENSUOUS/ The Glasgow School)
Ba. 加藤 尚樹/ Naoki Kato
(ex.SENSUOUS/ The Glasgow School)
Track 09 – Vo. まきはらやよい/ Yayoi Makihara
Artwork Designed by GRAPHIC EQUALISER