Graphic Design

From personal needs to company branding, we provide graphic design services in all the clients’ marketing resources such as logo, letterhead, business cards, brochures, event fliers, etc. in compliance with clients’ requests within budget.

Web Creation

According to clients’ needs in internet business strategies, we create websites. In order to enhance cost-performance and site-quality, we listen to clients’ requirements through detailed discussions.

Sound Creation

According to clients’ needs, we offer a wide variety of sound source, from short BGMs and SE to long musical compositions.

Artist Management

In order to support artists to let them focus on their activities, we take care of their day-to-day business affairs from schedule management to contract related coordination.

Movie Creation

We produce video images and movies such as promotion videos, YouTube videos, movies to show at the ceremonies, etc. In order to meet clients’ demands, we provide diligent service.

Project Coordination

On occasion of manpower shortage at the launch of business projects, we provide support services. According to clients’ needs, we join in as one of project members to assist project coordination, work-flow management, etc.